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Patol supply smoke detection systems for use in industrial environments.

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We are designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of specialist smoke detection systems.

Patol have been supplying our fire safety products and services to customers across several continents and industries since 1968, holding decades of domestic and export business experience.

We will meet your specific requirements through our bespoke design and engineering service, ensuring that all work is carried out in compliance with national and industry standards. Each of our products are designed to prevent serious damage to your property by providing early warning of fire. We will provide the ideal smoke detector for your needs.

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Aspirating Smoke Detectors (ASD)

Patol's Aspirating Smoke Detectors are among the most reliable high sensitivity smoke detection (HSSD) devices for the early warning of fire. Our ASD range impresses with its proven monitoring technology and unrivalled performance.

Developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany, our Aspirating Smoke Detectors are reliable and robust. Using sophisticated technology to actively draw air into the detector, the ASD rapidly detects smoke particles and alerts you to the risk of fire immediately.

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The EC22 Gas Detection Transmitter from Patol is an innovative and cost-effective transmitter for toxic gases, providing a combined gas and smoke detection solution.

This can be installed within the inlet or exhaust pipework of an ASD unit.

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Applications for our smoke detection systems include:

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