Securiton ASD Versatility Focus for Firex International

May 2018


Patol is exhibiting on Stand A440 at Firex International1 and will focus on the Securiton aspirating smoke detection systems (ASD) which offer reliable and robust high sensitivity detection for early warning of fire at the incipient stage.

The combination of sensitivity and speed makes Securiton ASD an ideal solution for many varied applications and, as the exclusive distributor of the technology in the UK, Patol is supplying systems for an increasingly wide range of projects. A recent application saw the protection of inmates and staff at one of the UK’s largest prisons, while the largest warehousing and cross-docking facilities in one of the UK’s busiest ports has also been fitted with an ASD system to protect the buildings and their contents. Another area in which the systems have been extensively employed is cold stores, with the capability of the detectors to operate in temperatures from -30°C to +60°C, together with the option for Heated Sampling points, making them particularly suited to such challenging environments.

Part of the key to the detector’s versatility is the capacity to programme up to five alarm levels within a sensitivity range of 0.002% per metre to 10% per metre. It also features a patented lint filter to supress the finest of dust particles, with an aerodynamic measuring chamber containing a smoke sensor which is immune to dust deposits, ensuring there is little chance of false alarm.

The Securiton ASD range is approved to EN54-20 class A, B & C and offers scalable high sensitivity smoke detection for small single premises to much larger facilities. With three detectors available, from the flagship ASD 535 (available in one or two-channel options) through to the ASD 532 and ASD 531, there is an option to suit any environment. The ASD 535 provides high sensitivity detection for areas up to 5,760 square metres, with the ASD 532 offering a compact solution for small to medium-sized applications and the ASD 531 providing a simple and convenient option for monitoring small areas.

Patol will also be using the opportunity at the 3-day exhibition to highlight some of the more recent developments in its other fire detection solutions. On show for the first time at Firex International will be the Fire Thermal Infrared (FireTIR) system. This employs fixed radiometric infrared cameras connected to a user-friendly software interface through which the surface temperatures of the area being protected are monitored in real time.

Patol will also be showing the latest in its range of Firesense linear heat detection cable (LHDC) products. Firesense cable and its associated controllers allow integration with many fire alarm and extinguishing control systems, offering a complete system solution. The use of ATEX approved junction boxes and Intrinsically Safe barriers enable Firesense systems to be used in hazardous areas. The range includes analogue, digital and fibre optic options to provide early detection of fire and overheating in applications for which other forms of fire detection are not viable, either through their prohibitive costs or their inability to sustain environmental requirements.

1 Firex International will take place from 19-21 June, 2018 at EXCEL, London