FireTIR System

The Fire Thermal Infrared detection system (FireTIR) is based on fixed infrared cameras.


FireTIR System

The infrared cameras measure the viewed surface temperatures in real time and connect to a user-friendly software interface.

The image from each camera can be divided into a number of specific areas or zones to identify various risks and also to establish non-detection sectors. Each zone can be programmed with high or low pre-alarm and alarm set temperatures and provide outputs to fire alarm and process control systems.

The cameras enclosures are available to IP66 or ATEX certified for hazardous areas. Automatic camera lens cleaning is also provided for dusty environments.

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firetir fire thermal infrared detection

The Fire Thermal Infrared detection system is ideally suited for:

  • Storage and handling plants for Coal, Grain, Waste material, Pyrotechnics etc.
  • Manufacturing industries for Chemicals, Alcohol industries, Ammunition plants, Automotive, Cement factories, Paper mills etc.
  • Transport industries for Tunnels, Airports, Railways, Ports etc.
  • Power Generation within Nuclear power stations, Thermal Power stations including boiler / furnace monitoring.
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