FeverTIR System

FeverTIR is a purpose developed thermography system which quickly and accurately measures people’s body temperature without any need for contact.


FeverTIR System

The body temperature sensor system meets International Standard IEC 80601-2-59 for the basic safety and essential performance of thermographs for human febrile temperature screening.

Its speed of data capture, high precision and resolution, make it ideal for installation at the entrance of hospitals, offices, industrial centres, warehousing, shopping centres, construction sites, hotels, banks, train stations, airports and ports etc. for any establishment with an influx of people and potential risk of contagion.

This development is based on the accumulated experience in this application and the desire to improve performance with a dedicated system and at a competitive price. These fever detection systems are delivered with a traceable calibration certificate.

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fevertir body temperature sensor

FeverTIR High Resolution Camera

Real-Time On-Screen Notification

As the FeverTIR system delivers both thermal and visible spectrum RGB images, this significantly assists the initial detection and follow-up apprehension of people with raised body temperature and potential fever. It allows for:

  • Display of both thermal and visible images on screen
  • Simultaneous recording of video and images (RGB and thermal)
  • Special calibration software for measuring facial temperature
  • Generation of pre-alarms and alarms with on-screen notification
  • Real-time hot spot analysis
  • Easy integration with other safety and security systems

Patol in the New World

Patol has been working with the European design team in the field of multispectral thermography systems for over 20 years so understand how – and, equally importantly, how not – to apply the technology to a body temperature sensor. New and innovative methods are being introduced to help ensure safer environments for all in the new world that we are facing. FeverTIR is part of that response.

Overall, FeverTIR’s high precision and resolution, speed of data capture and software processing combined with graphical on-screen alarm notifications puts it ahead of the competition.

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