5000 Series Infrared Transit (conveyor) Flame Sensors

The 5000 Series includes a range of early warning infrared transit flame sensors.


5000 Series Infrared Transit (Conveyor) Flame Sensors

The range of early warning infrared flame sensors is designed to monitor and detect, in the presence of ambient light, transported material temperatures up to 240˚C in products during manufacture or processing such as food, biomass and recycled waste being transported on conveyor systems.

A Patol 5000 series single point infrared flame sensor with a 90˚ field of view will monitor the full width of the conveyor and will detect and trigger an alarm and/or sprinkler system on seeing a small flame, or temperature over 240˚C at conveyor speeds travelling between 0.5 and 6 metres / second.

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Technical information

The unique solar blind sensor with infrared reflective cone optical focus has been created to detect small moving flame within a spectral filter between 4.2 to 4.7µm (narrow band).

The sensor is designed to detect and respond to a small flame whilst ignoring background heat. All sensors include adjustable sensitivity.

The sensors are typically mounted at 1 to 1.5 metres above the conveyors and aligned such that the monitored potential hazard passes through the sensors field of view. The sensors provide outputs for Alarm / Trip and Fault monitoring.

The range of 5000 series infrared heat and flame sensors include continuous air purging to maintain an automatic cleaning system that ensures the prevention of dust settling on the sensor lens. Models are available including specialist sensors with ATEX certification for hazardous dust environments and glass free Stainless Steel sensors suitable for food processing areas.

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