Pipes and Fittings

We offer a range of pipes and fittings for the installation of Aspirating Smoke Detection systems.

ProductsPart No.DimensionsProduct Image
ABS (Halogen-Free) PAT-ASD02 - ABS halogen free

Dust Filter Small

Dust Filter Medium

Dust Filter Large

Dust Filter Extra Large





- Dust Filter
Water Retaining Box WRB-25ABS - Water Retaining Box
Dirst Trap Box DTB-25PC - -
Flame Arresters DFA-25 - Flame Arresters
Pipe 800-001 25mm Pipe
Jointing Socket 800-002 25mm Jointing Socket
Tee Piece 800-003 25mm Tee Piece
Socket Union 800-004 25mm Socket Union
45 Degree Bend 800-005 25mm 45 Degree Bend
Sharp 90 Degree Bend 800-006 25mm Sharp 90 Degree Bend
90 Degree Bend 800-007 25mm 90 Degree Bend
End Cap 800-008 25mm End Cap
Adapter 800-009 25-27mm Adapter
Capillary Adapter 800-010 25mm-10mm Capillary Adapter
Tee with Capillary Adapter 800-011 25mm-10mm Tee with Capillary Adapter
Nylon Tubing 800-014 10mm Nylon Tubing
Flush Sampling Kit 800-015 50mm Flush Sampling Kit
Conical Sampling Kit 800-016 50mm Conical Sampling Kit
Pipe Clip 800-018



Pipe Clip
Conical Sampling Head 800-019 50mm Conical Sampling Head
Flexible Bend 800-021 25mm x 300mm Flexible Bend
IM Flexible Bend 800-022 25mm x 1M IM Flexible Bend
Warning Hole Labels 800-024 - Warning Hole Labels
Flush Head Sampling Head 800-025 50mm Flush Head Sampling Head

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