ASD 535

The ASD 535 is the flagship model of the ASD detector range.


ASD 535

It can monitor an area of up to 5760 square metres.

Available as a single-sensor and two-sensor device, the detector analyses the airflow from one or two sampling pipes independently. The aspirating smoke detector thus reliably spots any deviation in the airflow and detects any breakages or blockages in the sampling pipes.

Up to 400 metres of sampling pipe with a maximum of 120 sampling holes can be connected to each smoke sensor. More than 400 Pa of aspirating underpressure generates the necessary power, which means the ASD 535 has one of the most powerful fans on the market.

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asd 535 aspirating smoke detector

Technical information

Frosty conditions? The ASD 535 won’t even sneeze. Hot conditions? No sweat – the ASD 535 carries on working without complaining. These robust aspirating smoke detectors can be deployed at temperatures ranging between – 30 °C and + 60 °C – retaining their full functionality at all times.

In deep-freeze applications, the evaluation unit is installed directly in the deep-freeze area and the sampling holes are heated automatically when needed to prevent them from freezing. Using the Config over Line function, you can carry out configuration and maintenance comfortably on the fire alarm control panel – having to personally access zones with extremely high or low temperatures is now a thing of the past. Further possibilities for accessing the aspirating smoke detector remotely are provided by RS-485 networking.

Dusty, steamy or dirty conditions? It makes no difference to the ASD 535. The extensive range of accessories includes various dust filters, water retaining boxes and other tools. The Autolearning function allows for automatic adaptation of the sensitivity according to the ambient conditions, which means the ASD 535 operates with optimum sensitivity at all times while also being protected against false alarms.

It is also immune to dust deposits thanks to its optimised aerodynamic measuring chamber. It cleans its sampling pipes and holes itself using the automatic blow-out device. The choice of sampling pipe material is determined by the individual requirements on site.

When it comes to the quality of the ASD 535, the aspirating smoke detector is designed for a very long service life. Although the ASD 535 is equipped with a high-performance fan, it is whisper-quiet. In fact, it’s one of the quietest aspirating smoke detectors on the market. It stands out by virtue of its extremely low noise levels (32 dBA), making it compliant with ISO standard 11690-1 for the design of low-noise workplaces containing machinery.

Key Features

  • ASD 535-1/2 - Aspirating smoke detector for 1 or 2 SSD 535 smoke sensors without smoke level indicator
  • ASD 535-3/4 - Aspirating smoke detector for 1 or 2 SSD 535 smoke sensors with smoke level indicator
  • SSD 535-3 - Smoke sensor 0.02–10%/m alarm sensitivity (0.00087 dB/m)

Perfect for large monitoring areas:

  • Permissible temperature range: – 30 °C to + 60 °C
  • Immune to disturbances such as dust, dirt, moisture and steam
  • Reliable detection in difficult environments
  • Protection against false alarms

Immune to disturbances:

  • 32 dBA: extremely low noise levels
  • No soundproofing measures required
  • Practically invisible installation
  • Simple to integrate into existing architecture
  • Approvals: VdS, DIBt, UL, FM, ActivFire, CCCF


Room surveillance

  • High-rack warehouses and distribution centres
  • Archive rooms
  • Intermediate ceilings and raised floors
  • Large halls
  • Museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas
  • Cultural artefact collections, historical buildings
  • Airports
  • Informatics and computer centres
  • Telecommunication centres
  • Laboratory and research centres
  • Electronic measuring rooms
  • Transformer rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • Refrigerated warehouses

Property surveillance

  • Telecommunication facilities
  • High and low-voltage distribution cabinets
  • Display cases
  • IT installations
  • CNC control systems

Invisible surveillance

  • Protection of cultral assets
  • Prison cells

Modules & Accessories

Optional Modules:

  • SIM 35/SMM 535 - RS 485 networking module/RS 485 master module (ASD 532/535)
  • UMS 35 - Universal module support for mounting line modules
  • ASD PipeFlow - PC tool for drawing and calculating the sampling pipe
  • ASD Config - PC tool for commissioning and maintenance (ASD 532/535)


An extensive range of accessories are available (25 mm and ¾" sampling tube, sampling points, filters, water separators, explosion protection, etc.).

View the range of Securiton Pipes & Fittings that Patol offer alongside the ASD 535.

Technical Data

Supply Voltage Range EN 54
10.5-30 VDC
12.4-27 VDC
Power Consumption Typical For 24 VDC 260-290 mA
Sampling Tubes/Smoke Sensors Quantity 1 Or 2
Alarm Sensitivity Alarm
From 0.002%/m
Alarm Levels   5 (3 Pre-Signals, Alarm, Alarm 2)
Adjustable Pre-Signal 10-90%
Autolearning, Day/Night Switching   Configurable

1-Channel Vers.

2-Channel Vers.

Contact Load

3 (1 Alarm, 1 Fault, 1 Free)

3 (al. I & al. II, 1 Fault)

50 VDC/1 A (UL 30VDC)


O.C. Outputs

PC Tools



See Relays


RS 485

Reset, Day/Night

Optional Modules




2/1 RIM 35, SIM 35, MCM 35


EN 54-20

EN 54-27 (Ventil, Ducts)

UL 268, FM 3230



VdS G 208 154



ActivFire, CCCF, DIBt


Number of Campling Apetures (with ASD PipeFlow)

EN 54-20 Class A

EN 54-20 Class B

EN 54-20 Class C


2 X 18

2 X 56

2 X 120

2 X 120


Monitoring Area Max.Area 5760m2
System Limits as per EN 54-20 Class C

Max. Quantity Sampling Apertures

Max. Length to Last Sampling Point

Max. Overall Length for all Sampling Tubes

2 X 120

2 X 110m

2 X 300m

System Limits without Conformity to Standards Max. Overall Length for All Sampling Tubes 2 X 400m

Close Operation

PC Tool


ASD Config

Fan/Sampling System

Suction Pressure

Service Life (MTTF)

Performance Levels

Suction Noise

Soundproof Housing

> 420 Pa

> 65, 000 h (at 40.C)


<32 db="" a="" 1m="" distance="" p="">

< 20 dB (A)



EN 60529 Prot. Category

Dimensions ( W x H x D)

Weight (Approx.)

Cable Entries

IP 54

265 X 348 X 148 mm


4 x M20, 1 X M25

Operating Temperature/Humidity Evaluation Unit -30 - +60.C/95% RH (Amb. Air Max. +40.C)
Display and Operation - Standard Per Channel 1 <> LED Green, 1 Red <> LED, 1 Yellow <> LED, 1 Yellow Soiling LED, 1 Reset Key
Display and Operation - Enhanced 10 LEDs (Yellow) for Smoke Level Indicator ASD 535-3 and -4 (Per Channel)
Event Menory/ Analogue Values

On Board

With SD Card

430 Events

Up To 1 Year (with MCM 35)

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