Fibresense Linear Temperature Sensing (LTS)

Our systems provide reliable and intelligent fire detection and asset monitoring on projects throughout the world.


Fibre Optic Linear Heat Detection Cable

The fibre optic heat detection technology utilized within these systems combine the benefits of speed of detection, reliability, and versatility in one proven Linear Heat Detection solution.

The systems have been delivering reliability through value added fire detection solutions since 1996 and they lead the way in the delivery of solutions monitoring temperature and detecting incipient fires within a range of multi-discipline environments.

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fibresense linear temperature sensor


  • Fast, reliable, fibre optic heat detection by LTS (Linear Temperature Sensing) technology
  • Maintenance-free robust sensor cable ensuring low through-life ownership costs
  • Comprehensive functionality with user programmability
  • Ease of installation and communication with existing control system

Applications include the monitoring of vessels, car park protection, automatic storage warehouses and power cable trays.

Technical information

Fibre Optic LTS provides very early temperature rise detection and monitoring, distributed along a length of fibre-optic sensor cable, configurable into multiple detection zones to suit the particular installation.

Adjustable alarm levels may be set for each zone, providing a programmable platform to suit many fire detection applications and installations. Alarm decisions are communicated directly to the main Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) by relay contacts.

Alarm, real-time temperature and distance data may be sent via a Modbus communications path to a third-party system, such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), for controlling ventilation or extinguishant systems. This system typically employs a proprietary graphic command-and-control workstation for managing the entire Fire Detection System.

Two variants of length and two variants of optical fibre-optic sensing cable topology, plus a choice of mounting hardware, provides the ultimate flexibility to cater for all fire detection applications.

Extra information

Our Fibresense Linear Temperature Sensing (LTS) product provides cost-effective Linear Heat Detection and ambient temperature monitoring of facilities and assets carrying critical services and traffic in escalators, conveyor systems, tunnels and within hazardous areas.

Fibre optic cable is immune to electro-magnetic interference (EMI) and signal quality is therefore not affected by the hostile environments.

Opto Electronics Unit

The system consists of a LTS Linear Heat Detection system module housed in a lockable, wall mounted steel enclosure with sealed gland plates to provide IP54 protection. The enclosure also contains a fibre splice housing to protect the splices made between the sensing cable and the supplied pigtails. Alternatively, the system can be supplied suitable for mounting in a 19” inch rack.

LEDs mounted on the front panel of the cabinet indicate system status: Power On, System fault, Sensor Fault and Alarm.

A relay module is contained within the LTS unit providing 32 voltfree contacts as standard for connection to end user systems. The voltfree contacts are terminated with screw terminal connector blocks within the wall-mount cabinet to simplify installation. Two of these relays are dedicated to system and Sensor Fault and are not reconfigurable.

Optical Fibre Sensors

The linear temperature sensor cable is certified fibre-optic cable installed in a similar manner to electrical-based linear heat detection technology. Up to 4 km of sensor cable may be installed in the area to be protected. The cable can be connected in a loop, or alternatively as a one or two-channel single-ended system.

The fibre-optic cable used is 62.5/125 µm, graded index, communications grade, multimode fibre with Acrylate coating.

Sensor cables have been installed in tunnels, conveyors, escalators, cold stores, tank farms, floating roof tanks, machinery spaces and oil rigs.

SensorLine II

Thermoplastic cable sheath is Flame retardant, low smoke and fume, zero halogen and is supplied in lengths of 500m, 1000m, 2000m, or 4000m.

SensorTube II

Stainless Steel cable sheath is particularly suited for hostile environments and is supplied in 50m increments up to 4.4km. Min reel is 500m.

Project Support Services

The equipment is designed for installation by certified Fire Engineering companies - we add value to our fibre optic temperature sensing solutions through the provision of comprehensive support, drawing on skills and experience from within our organization.

By operating throughout, from survey and solution development to training and customer support, we provide critical asset monitoring to meet the individual needs of our clients.

The advanced fibre optic technology is fully supported by a team experienced in meeting the changing application needs throughout the project life span.

Our project support services include:

  • Feasibility studies & budget analysis
  • Proposals & surveys
  • Operator Training
  • Customer Support
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