Linear Heat Detection

Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC or Line Heat Detector) is available as Resettable and Non-resettable technologies. The Resettable cable is described as Analogue and the Non-resettable as Digital.

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Analogue LHDC

Analogue LHDC is designed to provide early detection of fire and overheating in circumstances where other forms of detection would not be viable, either due to inability to sustain the environmental requirements or through prohibitive costs.



Digital LHDC

Digital LHDC operates at fixed temperatures and is non-resettable. The Digital LHDC comprises of a twisted pair, two core cable. Each core is a tinned copper coated spring steel conductor and has special heat reactive polymer insulation. The cable has a protective chemical and UV resistant outer jacket / sheath. Additional mechanical protection is provided with optional Stainless Steel outer armour.



Fibre Optic LHDC

Our systems provide reliable and intelligent fire detection and asset monitoring on projects throughout the world.

The fiber optic technology utilized within these systems combine the benefits of speed of detection, reliability, and versatility in one proven Linear Heat detection solution.



Line Type Heat Detector

Fires occur more often in dangerous locations – with conventional fire detectors quickly reaching their limitations. The intelligent line type heat detector from Securiton works perfectly, even under the most difficult conditions.



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