ASD 532

ASD 532

Design and function

ASD 532 – Powerful and compact

The ASD 532 is used for reliable monitoring of small and medium-sized areas and premises. It has the same technical specifications as the ASD 535, but with just one sampling pipe and a more compact fan. Anyone familiar with the ASD 535 will find added monitoring using the ASD 532 a breeze. Configuration and maintenance of the detector are made in the same simple way.

Aesthetically, the ASD 532 is very subtle and discreet – just like all devices in the ASD range. Once installed in hollow spaces, the sampling pipes are completely invisible, while the flush-mounted sampling holes are often imperceptible.

The installation is carried out with the highest possible level of adaptation to the surroundings in question. The sampling pipe can be laid out asymmetrically, which means it blends seamlessly into the structure of the building. This eliminates the need for long sampling pipes and thus reduces costs.

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Key Features

Key Features

  • ASD 532 - Aspirating smoke detector for 1 SSD 532 smoke sensor with smoke level indicator
  • SSD 532-3 - Smoke sensor 0.02-10%/m alarm sensitivity (0.00087 dB/m)

For medium-sized premises:

  • Compact design
  • Permissible temperature range: – 20 °C to + 60 °C
  • Maximum sampling pipe length: 120 m
  • Ethernet or RS-485 networking
  • Approvals: VdS, UL*, FM*



The ASD 532 is ideal for property and space surveillance thanks to its excellent response behaviour. Typical applications include:

Room surveillance

  • Museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas
  • Cultural artefact collections, historical buildings
  • Informatics and  computer centres
  • Telecommunication centres
  • Laboratory and research centres
  • Electronic measuring rooms
  • Transformer rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • Refrigerated warehouses


Property surveillance

  • Telecommunication facilities
  • High and low-voltage distribution cabinets
  • Display cases
  • IT installations
  • CNC control systems

Invisible applications

  • Protection of cultural assets
  • Prison cells

Modules & Accessories

Optional Modules & Accessories

Optional Modules:

  • RIM 36 - Optional module with 5 additional relays
  • SD Card - Industrial SD card
  • SIM 35/SMM 535 - RS 485 networking module/RS 485 master module
  • UMS 35 - Universal module support for mounting line modules
  • ASD PipeFlow - PC tool for drawing and calculating the sampling pipe


An extensive range of accessories are available (25 mm and ¾" sampling tube, sampling points, filters, water separators, etc.).

View the range of Securiton Pipes & Fittings that Patol offer alongside the ASD 532.

Technical Data


Technical Data

Supply voltage range EN 54
14.0-30 VDC
16.4-27 VDC
Power consumption Typical for 24 VDC 115 mA
Sampling tubes/smoke sensors Quantity 1
Alarm sensitivity Alarm
From 0.002%/m
Alarm levels   5 (3 pre-signals, alarm, alarm 2) adjustable pre-signals 10-90%
Autolearning, day/night switching   Configurable
Relays 1-channel vers. 2 (1 alarm, 1 fault)
  2-channel vers. (use RIM 36 for pre-signals)
  Contact load 50 VDC/1 A (UL 30VDC)
Interfaces O.C. outputs See relays
  PC tool Ethernet
  Network RS 485, Ethernet
  Inputs Reset, day/night
Optional Modules Quantity 2
  Types 2/1 RIM 36, SIM 35
Standards/approvals EN 54-20 VdS G 215 101
  EN 54-27 (ventil. ducts) Yes
  UL 268, FM 3230 Planned
  Other -
  Compliance EMC, CPR, RoHS
Number of campling apertures (with ASD PipeFlow) EN 54-20 Class A 8
  EN 54-20 Class B 12
  EN 54-20 Class C 16
  NFPA 72 (UL/FM) 16
Monitoring area Max. area 1280 m2
System limits as per EN 54-20 Class C Max. quantity
Sampling apertures
  Max. length to last sampling point 70 m
  Max. overall length for all sampling tubes 120 m
System limits without conformity to standards Max. overall length for all sampling tubes -
Configuration Close operation EasyConfig
  PC tool ASD Config
Fan/sampling system Suction pressure > 180 Pa
  Service life (MTTF) > 80,000 h (at 40 °C)
  Performance levels 3
  Suction noise < 32 dB (A) (fan level 1)
  Soundproof housing < 20 dB (A)
Housing EN 60529 prot. category IP 54
  Dimensions (W x H x D) 195 x 290 x 140 mm
  Weight (approx.) 1950 g
  Cable entries 3 x M20, 1 x M25
Operating temperature/humidity Evaluation unit –20 – +60°C/95% RH
(amb. air max. +40 °C)
Display and Operation - Standard Per channel 1 «power» LED green, 1 red «alarm» LED, 1 yellow «fault» LED,
1 yellow soiling LED, 1 reset key
Display and Operation - Enhanced 10 LEDs (yellow) for smoke level indicator Yes
Event menory/analogue values On board 1000 events
  With SD card Up to 1 year
On-board slot for SD card