Aspirating Smoke Detectors

Aspirating Smoke Detectors are among the most reliable high sensitivity smoke detection (HSSD) devices for the early warning of fire. The ASD range impresses with its proven monitoring technology and unrivalled performance.

Developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany, the aspirating detectors are particularly reliable and robust. Thanks to their sophisticated detection technology, actively drawing air into the detector for very fast detection of smoke particles, they can detect incipient fires immediately. An active monitor alerts if operation is compromised, such as the smoke detector being masked.

Whether in IT racks, production halls or large deepfreeze areas, Patol has the perfect fire protection solution for all safety requirements. ASD detectors are available in three models, with the main difference between them being the maximum possible monitoring area. This means that protection without compromise is now even more cost-effective in small premises.

The ASD range that Patol offer includes:


ASD 535

The flagship model for large-scale HSSD applications

The ASD 535 aspirating detector in 4 versions (1 or 2 channels, with/without smoke level indicator) is the universal device with outstanding performance characteristics for medium-sized and large monitoring areas. Its ambient temperature range reaches as low as –30°C, making it perfect for deep-freeze warehouses.

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asd 535 model


ASD 532

The compact solution for small to medium-sized HSSD applications

The ASD 532 is the single-channel high sensitivity aspirating detection device for medium-sized monitoring areas. It has the same technical specifications as the ASD 535, but with just one sampling tube and a more compact fan. Configuration, programming, maintenance and networking of the system are the same as for the ASD 535 and just as simple.

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asd 532 model


ASD 531

Simple and convenient for smaller premises

The ASD 531 HSSD aspirating detector is tailor-made for small monitoring areas and for customers who would like a fact-acting ASD device that is even easier to use but still want an extensive range of accessories.

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asd 531 model