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Upgrade your fire safety with Patol’s range of smoke, fire and heat detection products.

Linear Heat Detection

The Patol Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) is designed to provide early detection of fire and overheating.

LHDC will detect fire and overheating in circumstances where other forms of detection would not be viable, either due to inability to sustain the environment requirements or through prohibitive costs. This allows you to respond to threats of fire rapidly. Patol also offers a Line Type Heat Detector system which can operate under strain of high temperatures and extreme humidity.

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lhdc fire safety products

Infrared Transit Heat & Flame Sensors

Combustible materials such as coal being transported on conveyor systems have the potential to self-ignite. Early warning protection along a conveyor susceptible to conditions of excessive heat can avoid catastrophic fire damage and substantial consequential losses.

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infrared transit heat sensor fire safety products

Special Control Equipment & Services

Patol design and manufacture specialist fire safety products, including control panels, modules and cubicles, to meet the requirements of national standards, client specifications or project needs.

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special control equipment fire safety products

Aspirating Smoke Detectors

Aspirating Smoke Detectors are among the most reliable high sensitivity smoke detection (HSSD) devices for the early warning of fire. The ASD range impresses with its proven monitoring technology and unrivalled performance.

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asd fire safety products

Thermal Imaging Heat Detection

Many types of businesses carry an increased risk of fire due to the concentration of highly combustible materials that when combined can generate high levels of heat. Thermal cameras offer the ability to monitor such operations around the clock to detect any increases in heat that might lead to spontaneous combustion.

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