Food Production

The flammable nature of high temperature food product being transported on conveyor systems has the potential to ignite.


Fire Detection Solutions for Food Production

Fire detection and integration into industrial food processing systems is pertinent to the continual operation and protection of both the product and machinery.

Food products being transported at high temperatures have the potential risk of fire and can cause disruption to the food handling process. This can be costly in loss of product, down time and damage to machinery.

In addition to this, a mechanical fault can cause a build-up in heat which can be sufficient to ignite a part of the machinery.

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Our Complete Fire Detection Solution

Patol Ltd have developed a number of food industry fire protection solutions.

Types of products available include:

  • High Temperature Infrared Transit Flame Sensor monitors high temperature materials up to 240° on highest sensitivity and triggers as the material reaches the ember or flame condition.
  • Infrared Transit Heat Sensor can detect both high energy emissions from very hot / glowing embers, and those from abnormal but relatively low temperature product transiting the monitored conveyor.
  • Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) – provides early detection of fire conditions and overheating in circumstances where other forms of detection would not be viable.

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