Fire Safety in Atmospheric Storage Tanks

Atmospheric Storage Tanks are used to store highly flammable products which makes them susceptible to major fires causing catastrophic damage.

The main cause for these fires are due to worn or damaged rim seals on the Floating Roof of the tanks. Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) is a key component of the fire detection system.

LHDC can be used as a stand alone detection system or as an activation for a suppression system to protect the tanks from catastrophic damage.




Designs of tanks can differ significantly amongst manufactures and site needs, LHDC is flexible enough to accommodate these differences; providing an affective system.

Key System Features

  • Intrinsically safe operation by using certified IS Barriers / Isolators.
  • Rim Seal Fire Detection with LHDC. Automated Cable Reeler or Retractable cables.
  • Key switch mounted outside the Tank for Fire and Fault routine maintenance testing.

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