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Fire Safety for Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems in general have a fire risk due to external events and equipment failure. However, the flammable nature of products, including the ability of some types to self-ignite, introduces an exceptional hazard requiring special consideration.

There are two important areas to consider for conveyor fire protection:

  • Fire prevention
  • Automatic fire detection and suppression

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Our Complete Fire Detection Solution

Many different types of fire detector have been tried for conveyors over the years. The true solution has been determined to be Linear Heat Detection (LHDC) for Static Fire protection and IR Heat Detectors for Moving Fire protection.

One of the most reliable ways to detect fires on a moving conveyor is to monitor for infra-red “black body” emissions. Patol’s IR Black Body Emission Detector employs IR filters that select longer wavelengths and are “blind” to the visible spectrum. They can detect both high energy emissions from very hot/glowing embers, and those from abnormal but relatively low temperature product transiting the monitored belt area.

Types of LHD Cables available include:

In both cases the LHDC comprises of a ‘robust cable’ that will ‘annunciate’ an alarm if any portion of the LHDC experiences an abnormal temperature.

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