Car Parks

Modern car parks face an ever-increasing fire risk.


Fire Detection Solutions for Car Parks

Developments in the car industry mean that the material used in vehicle manufacturing can be often highly combustible, which can generate intense fires that generate very high temperatures. Once a fire has started, they often rapidly spread between vehicles, and adjacent floors and buildings. This makes car park fire protection methods more important than ever.

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Our Complete Fire Detection Solution

Car parks are often prone to high air flows, this coupled with exhaust fumes that are generated can cause severe problems for conventional smoke detectors. Our car park fire protection solution, Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC), is not affected by these conditions. Similarly, it is also unaffected by environments that are prone to damp and high humidity.

The suitability of LHDC to work effectively in this environment means that it is not prone to generating false alarms, which is an issue caused by traditional smoke detectors.

Types of detection products available include:

Both systems are made up of a control device (optional for Digital cable), LHDC and End of Line device.

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