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Patol offer a range of fire detection systems for industrial applications.

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We can design, manufacture, and supply fire detection systems for your industry.

Founded in 1968, Patol have strong domestic and export business experience, supplying our specialist fire safety products and services to customers across several continents and a variety of industry sectors.

Through our design and engineering service, we will meet your specific requirements, ensuring that all work is carried out in compliance with national and industry standards. From flame sensors to thermal imaging cameras, we will provide the ideal system for your needs. All of our products are designed to give early warning of fire and prevent serious damage to your property.

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Infrared Transit Flame Sensors

In our 5000 series of products, Patol offer a range of infrared transit flame sensors which are designed to detect and provide early warning of fire in materials transported on conveyor systems, such as food, biomass, and recycled waste.

Detecting temperatures of over 240˚C, the infrared flame sensor will trigger an alarm and/or sprinkler system on seeing a small flame.

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Special Control Equipment & Services

Patol can create specialist fire and safety control equipment for your industry, tailored to your needs. Whether you work in the power generation, food processing, or petrochemical industry, we can supply an effective fire detection system.

We have a broad range of expertise, and can install anything from encapsulated electronics units in military vehicles to multiple bay equipment cabinets in control rooms.

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At Patol, we have developed the Fire Thermal Infrared detection system (FireTIR) to provide early warning of fire in industrial environments. It’s ideally suited for industries such as manufacturing, transport and power generation.

The FireTIR system is based on fixed infrared cameras which measure surface temperatures in real time. It connects to a user-friendly software interface for easy temperature monitoring, reducing the risk of fire.

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Applications for our fire detection systems include:

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