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Patol have considerable expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of specialist fire safety products and services.

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Founded in 1968

Patol are a privately owned British company with strong domestic and export business experience across several continents and within a wide range of industrial sectors. We bring fire detection solutions to the Power Generation, Waste Recycling and Petrochemical industries.

Patol offer fire and safety control equipment and specialist services to industrial customers. We also partner with leading Fire Protection companies, providing fire safety solutions with our products, including smoke, heat, and fire detection systems.

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Requirements always met

The particular requirements of national standards, client specifications or project needs are a standard aspect of Patol’s design & engineering service.

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Patol’s expertise ranges from discrete military vehicle monitoring modules through to multi-discipline systems covering all fire protection, process control and security aspects.


Application Engineering and System Design is conducted with rigid adherence to client specifications and safety requirements. In addition, Patol’s engineers will always apply their knowledge of projects of similar rigours.

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