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Power Generation

Fire detection systems for power industry


We provide Fire Detection systems and products which are specifically tailored to the power generation industry. In addition to general fire alarm systems we provide a total solution for protection in areas such as Cable flats, tunnels and risers, Coal and Biomass handling plants, Turbines etc.


Fire Safety for Conveyor Systems

Fire Safety in Cable Tunnels, Risers and Flats


Petro Chemical

Fire detection systems for petro-chemical industry


Our products have been selected for a number of applications within the Petro-Chemical industry. We can provide SIL 2 certification on selected products together with ATEX, IEC and UL approvals.


Fire Safety in Atmospheric Storage Tanks


Recycling Plants

Detection of heat or fire in waste recycling plants


Recycling plants or other similar dusty harsh environment pose a number of challenges. Our Detection systems are either sealed or have continuous air cleaning systems to overcome the dust issues.


Fire Safety in Recycling Plants


Car Parks

Monitoring for fire in car parks


Increasingly Linear Heat Detection Cable is being recognised as the fire detector of choice for car parks. Its unique factors mean it is ideally suited for harsh environmental conditions.


Fire Safety in Car Parks


Road Tunnels

Detection of heat and fire in road and rail tunnels


The use of Linear Heat Detection Cable in tunnels can assist in reducing the risk to human life and severe damage to the tunnel structure caused by fire.


Fire Safety in Tunnels


Food Production

Infrared heat and flame sensors for materials on conveyors


At various stages of food production processes, such as with continuous fryers and ovens, there is often a requirement to monitor the cooked product for fire conditions, over and above the normal exit temperature. Our IR Transit Heat or Flame sensors are designed specifically for this task.


Fire Safety in the Food Industry